Monday, August 25, 2008

Hosted PBX System For Business Needs

Every organization requires a sophisticated solution to stimulate simple and quick transmission of business information. Today's emerging technology - hosted PBX system -- is the ideal option for all internal and external communication needs. The hosted PBX system is an effective phone system for business needs, and has been leading the market ever since its inception, owing to its high quality service for start-up and medium size businesses.
A hosted PBX system is a resourceful means of communication or a virtual phone system, which is also known under various other names such as virtual PBX, internet phone service, IP Centrex, hosted phone system, business VoIP service and hosted VoIP PBX. Basically, it is a telephone exchange used in private organizations for effective communication.
This full-featured phone system comes with various options to the caller including dial-by name, dial-by-extension, call transfer with find me follow me, auto attendant, call screening, caller ID, music on hold, e-mail message delivery, voicemail, fax, voice to email, conferencing facility and fax to email. With built-in artificial intelligence, this system can handle your business calls successfully even if the lines are busy. The calls can be routed to local or international phones - landlines, IP phones, office phones or cell phones.
This service that is essential for your business needs is hosted remotely by the providers through their hosted servers. So there is no need of heavy investment in capital equipment. However, you have to pay for the service you use.
The hosted PBX system can be configured to any size business anywhere, and has the capability to take your business to new heights of success by giving true value for your investment. With this system's workability in various environments, you can set up multiple offices anywhere in the world. Thus your business can appear more professional by projecting a big business image in minimum outlay.
Hosted PBX system benefits your business by maximizing its productivity since it has the capability to easily and conveniently connect the customers to your business 24/7 without keeping the office open. As your business grows and expands, the phone system can be updated with many features to meet increasing business needs.
The reasons that compel a small business to make use of this unique service are its powerful features, simplified infrastructure, scalability and flexibility. Owing to these qualities plus its tremendous cost savings, many customers are attracted to the hosted PBX system. By: Alen_J_Smith.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Save Money and Energy With International SIM Cards

When you travel abroad, it pays to bring your cell phone for comfort and safety with you. But with the high cost of international phone calls, you might want to find ways you can reduce your cell phone bill instead of using your local service provider's international roaming service. International SIM cards can help you in this regard: using international SIM cards can save you up to 85% on international calls while using your cell phone abroad. International SIM cards could not only save you money, but it could also save you energy by giving you great flexibility in your communication.
Most of the time, international roaming services are charge absurdly high costs. In fact, most local service providers also charge for incoming calls you receive whilst traveling abroad. And you don't want to talk about outgoing call cost; some of them charge as high as $4 per minute. Slash your call costs by 85% with international SIM cards. In fact, many of them don't charge incoming calls in selected destinations around the world.
You could buy local SIM cards in your host country, but this is not a very practical choice especially if you are planning to hop from one country to another. It means that you have to change your number in each country you are visiting. This is not only a hassle on your part, but this is also a hassle to your friends and family who constantly need to keep tract of which number are you going to use next. This can be avoided when you use international SIM cards because they work in almost all popular destinations across the globe.
International SIM cards also come with other perks such as ready international airline and international airport contact numbers. It's also very easy to top up your balance; often times you only have to visit your providers Website and top up in just few clicks of a button.
These are just some of the many conveniences you get when you use international SIM cards while on travel.
If you would like to find out more information about International SIM cards, check out our International SIM card review page (By: Hamish Jones).

Monday, May 19, 2008

salam sparepart: spare parts hand phone

salam sparepart: spare parts hand phone


Changing your SIM cards every time you're going out of the country is a burden enough for travelers and if you count the countless countries you have to step foot onto every year, it makes the task even more enormous. This is not the way to keep in touch when you're traveling. The best way to go is to use universal or international SIM cards that will allow you to use your mobile phone anywhere you go with only one SIM card.

An international SIM card works by picking up the signal from a local service provider of your destination country so that you can use your mobile phone anywhere you go without having to change the SIM. They work in most visited countries around the world so that wherever you go, your international SIM is most likely supported by local service providers. Your gloal SIM card provider pays some amount of your bill to the local service provider of the country you're visiting.

But even then, the cost of using international SIM cards is still much lower than some other means of voice and text communication. Majority of international SIM cards nowadays also don't charge incoming calls in many countries. Making calls using these global SIM cards are charged only very minimal fees by the SIM provider and it's always free to receive text messages in these SIM cards, too.

You can use international SIM cards in your home country and to almost all the countries you visit across the globe. This means that you don't have to carry many SIM cards when you're going to visit many countries during your travel. You could use one SIM while you're vacationing in the Seychelles on the weekend and meeting your business partners in London during the following weekdays. The same SIM also works when you go back to your homeland.

Clearly the benefits of using international SIM cards are enormous. They make keeping in touch a lot easier even if you're away hoping from one country to another; your friends, business partners, and family are just one phone call away.
Source: (Hamish Jones)